Hydration - 1.5 Litre Hydration Bladder

  • KSh1,199.00

  • Easy filling and cleaning: The big opening make for easy pouring of water.
  • Design with double sealing to make sure will not leak. Firstly, pinch and seal the TPU clip chain, then add slide-seal system. 
  • Water reservoir is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof, manufactured with leak proof sealing technology and high smooth interior surface.
  • Clean food grade TPU material: Taste free, non-toxic, the whole hydration bladder is made of premium anti-bacteria material for free mouthpiece. 
  • The on-off valve at the top mouthpiece can control the water flow. And the bite valve will auto-seals after each sip
  • The mouth piece uses a bite valve technology that makes it easier to drink.
  • some people call these camelbak. It's a famous global brand but we are not affiliated.

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