Hawi Outdoors FAQs

How do I pay?
If we are hand delivering you can pay once the products are in your hands. If we are sending you a parcel, we will accept full payment before dispatch. Don't worry, we always deliver.

Do I pay for delivery?
Yes. We charge a fee for delivery starting from Sh. 250 in Nairobi.

For upcountry, you will advise on the best parcel delivery service. Often we use shuttle, bus or air service to deliver upcountry. You will cater for shipping charges. 
But isn't air cargo expensive?
It is NOT. We were surprised too.
All our parcels to Lodwar have been sent via air transport. It was affordable.
How long will it take for my package arrive?
We work to deliver on the next day at the latest.
However, delivery times can vary depending on the destination of your package.

Please be aware that weather and incorrect information can delay the shipment of your order. We will keep you informed at every stage.

What guarantee do I have Hawi Outdoors will send my parcel after I make payment?
Online business rides on reputation. Ours is untainted so far. We don't intend to mess it up. The future of our business depends on delivering to you on time and subsequently you spreading the word about our business. 

Can you deliver for viewing before I make the decision to purchase?
Yes. We may ask you reimburse our expenses incurred to make the item available for viewing.
Return policy
What is your return policy?
We guarantee quality of every product we sell. If you discover a manufacturing defect on a delivered product, we will exchange it for a new product in the same way we delivered the initial item. We wont disappear on you. We Promise.

How do I return my item?
We will handle returns the same way we handled delivery of your item.
i.e. If we hand delivered the item, we will come pick it up. If we sent it as a parcel, you send it back to us as a parcel in the same way. We will refund your shipping charges once the item is replaced.
Resellers and corporate buying
I want to buy many items, can I get a discount?
You will get a quantity discount when you buy more than ten items of the same item. e.g more than 10 single strap hydration bladders. The amount of discount will be advised on a case by case basis.
Can I sell products on consignment?
Unfortunate prior experiences have made us cautious with consignees. We would like to give it another try with reputable shops and tour companies. Hit us up, lets talk.
Can you apply our corporate brand to bulk purchases?
Yes. We can deliver products to your specifications with your branding. 
Option 1: Co-branding with your brand standing shoulder to shoulder with our brand. This is likely to have a lead time of less than 7 days and a lower MOQ.
Option 2: Using your brand exclusively, will have a longer lead time.
You can contact the team to be advised on lead times and minimum order quantities.

My question has not been answered here?
We are a work in progress.

The team is always excited to respond to your queries at +254790561113 or email team@hawioutdoors.com