Trekking Poles - Walking poles - Aluminium Shaft, Cork Handle

  • KSh2,099.00

  • Aluminum Trekking Poles / sticks – Light & Collapsible & Strong with Quick Flip-Lock, Cork Grips
  • Crafted out of Aluminum 7075 - the same material used to build airplanes. Experience 
  • Compact and versatile- The adjustable shafts make the Trekking poles highly versatile. The poles can extend from 26” to 54.5”, so that they become a reliable support for senior/ inexperienced hikers, aged, children and anyone carrying extra weight
  • Changeable attachments to help navigate through any condition, including snow basket, rubber tips, and mud basket
  • We are known for building the strongest, most reliable poles in this market
  • Recommended for hikers that just want a pair of trustworthy sticks at a good price.