Camping Cookware - Compact and Folding anodized aluminum cookware set

  • KSh5,999.00

  • Durable & Healthy: This camping cookware is made of ultra-light hard anodised aluminum and food grade silicone material, which is healthy and eco-friendly, scratch resistance, oxidation resistance.
  • Lightweight & Portable: is easy to fold and bundle to save space.
  • Heat-Resistant & Folding Handle: Camping pots and pans set comes with thermally insulated silicon handles keep your fingers safe from the heat. 
  • Modularised: meaning you can carry the small pots only when camping solo.
  • Non-stick for easy cleaning: Use non-scratch materials to clean for longer life. 
  • Material: Aluminum allow of thickness 0.8mm
  • What is in the package:
    • Large frying pan Φ195mm X 45mm
    • Large pot Φ 177mm X 110mm ( ~2.7litres)
    • Medium pot Φ160mm X 90 (~1.85litres)
    • Small pot Φ140*65mm (~1.0litres)
    • 2 small camping plates
    • 4 small bowls
    • 1 small wooden spoon
    • Mesh bag for carrying

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