Bike Light - Bike USB rechargeable Indicator (remote controlled)

  • KSh2,299.00

THE ONLY TAIL BIKE LIGHT YOU WILL EVER NEED: Like a car rear lights, it will warn those following you intend to turn

WIDE FIELD OF VIEW: 180-Degree field of view width. It is bright enough to be seen from 150m away in foggy/rainy day even in dark night.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: Four mode remote control: turn left light, turn right light, red led warning light and SOS. Remote control on handlebar, easy to control while riding.

USB RECHARGEABLE: fully charges in 2 hours and can work for about 5 hours under constant brightness. Remember to remove from charging when charging indicator turns green.

IPX2 WATERPROOF: can be used in the rain, in the fog or high humidity.

How to use:

To turn: press the turn button on the remote, the button flashes and the rear light indicator flashes as well. Press the same button to turn the turn signal off.

Red warning light button (LED): The first press turns the warning light on. The second press turns it to a strobe the third press turns it off and turns the remote light on the LED button off as well.


Package includes:

  • 1x remote control
  • 1x USB wire
  • 1x tail light

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