Gloves – Heavy Duty Gym Gloves

  • KSh1,199.00

  • High-quality material: flexible, antislip material; Microfiber and Spandex Fiber Crafted from a blend of Microfiber and Spandex Fiber, these gloves offer a secure grip and maximum flexibility. Perfect for your demanding gym routine.

  • Wristband to reduce the chance of a wrist sprain Lessen your risk of wrist sprains with this durable and supportive wristband. Clinically proven to provide extra stability during intense workouts, it's an essential part of any gym routine.

  • Ergonomic palm pad design, 0.2inch thickened inner cushion. It protects your hands full. Benefit from enhanced grip and maneuverability. With our expertly crafted ergonomic palm pad design and 0.2 inch thickened inner cushion, your hands will enjoy the ultimate in protection while still retaining full functionality.

  • Wrist Support: unique designed weightlifting wristband. The wrist straps are comfortable and adjustable Improve your weightlifting performance with our unique designed wrist support. Our comfortable and adjustable wrist straps provide the perfect amount of support, allowing you to focus solely on your workout without any discomfort or distractions.

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