Lighting - Rechargeable Flashlight

  • KSh2,399.00

Emergency flashlight for your car, at home. A bright and reliable light source in even the darkest of situations. This flashlight is designed to be the perfect safety companion on the road, or even in the comfort of your own home.

Rechargeable with solar or USB This product offers reliable power options with both solar and USB capability, for easy charging at home or on the go.

Hammer makes it easy to break our of car, if you are ever locked in one in an emergency situation This reliable and durable hammer is designed to quickly smash through windows in an emergency, offering an easy and effective escape route.

A powerful build with a long-lasting battery and bright lumens ensures a reliable and superior performance. Enjoy the bright, crystal-clear light of 5000K daylight color temperature for a truly natural and vivid lighting experience.

Technical specifications: Ni-Mh battery of 2000Mah, 100 lumens, color temperature 5000K (daylight), Input voltage: 6V, weight 380g 

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